Smart Mobile Humidifier


1、Multifunctional Humidifier: The humidifier has the functions of aromatherapy, mobile humidifier, and high-efficiency sterilizer - to make the air you breathe clean.
2、Small and Flexible: the humidifier is small and flexible for intelligent steering, anti-collision, free flows, height sensor, intelligent deceleration and anti-collision in advance, protecting furniture, and humidity throughout the house.
3、Corrosion-resistant Materials: The humidifier can be opened directly to add water, perfume, and disinfectant to the water tank. It is simple and fast and has good aromatherapy and sterilization effects. During the humidification and evaporation process, impurities in the water are easily sprayed with a large amount of water mist. 
4、Safety Guarantee: The humidifier effectively sterilizes up to 99.999%. The UV ultraviolet rays disinfect and sterilize floors, furniture, toys, and pets, giving the baby a safe and comfortable growth environment.
5、Intelligent House Moisturizing: A humidifier that breaks through the traditional humidifier can only be limited to one location. Wireless and mobile, it will achieve a more comprehensive moisturizing and comfortable environment.