Silicone Airpod Protective Case


The white case is a blank canvas, express yourself with our Silicone airpod case [Front Led Visible], give your airpods new clothing with protection!

We hate to break it to you but your new airpods are not immune to scratches, nicks, and dents. That's why we're here to help. Made of high-grade durable impact-resistant silicone rubber, our cover fits snug onto your airpods charging case giving it not only a slim fitting design.

The standard case is slippery, small and doesn't have a way to be secured to anything. With our covers you'll protect your sweet little pods from bumps, making it convenient and secure to carry around. 

Specially for those who love tiny cute things + airpods, our covers fit snug onto your airpods charging case giving it not only style but also a much sturdier protected grip.


  • Premium durable silicone case
  • Safe, Durable, Long lasting.
  • For AirPods 1 and 2
  • Won't interfere with wireless charging
  • Keep the AirPods cases from damage/scratches
  • Easy to install, perfect fit, stays in place
  • Silicon material provides a nice grip, makes the case less slippery

A great gift for your loved ones

Our Silicone airpod case [Front Led Visible] is the perfect gift, this is the number one accessory every new airpods owners must own, they can make a statement and pick from multiple designs and patterns to satisfy any wild artsy desire.

Because who wants a boring white case anyway? Instead, you can pick from a splash of colorful designs, get protection and style all in one item, add some flavor with a fruit inspired case, a sweet treat or go with a classic look, choose from multiple designs for any taste. 


It's all about self expression with a splash of colorful protection, never leave home without’em!


What better way to show your love for your significant other than with these silicone airpod case [Front Led Visible]? 

What better way to show you love food than making your airpods look like it?
Store your airpods adorably and replace the boring white case with protection and style! 

Warm Tips

  • Please make sure the case you selected in the product page matches the case in the cart/checkout page.
  • We do Not sell the airpods or airpods charging case.