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In a word, YES. More than 170,000 pregnant women are involved in car accidents every year, resulting in thousands of lost pregnancies or injuries to the baby. Some of the injuries can cause pregnancy complications which can be life-threatening to the mom-to-be.

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You see, the existing seat belt system was not designed or tested to protect women who are driving while pregnant; in fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the current seat belt system exposes an inherent risk for injury, or even death, to an unborn baby.

This is because the standard seat belt is designed to secure an occupant in the car seat by engaging the hip bones. However, beginning at the start of the second trimester, your unborn baby moves above and in front of your hip bones directly beneath the seat belt. When engaged by an accident, or even a sudden stop, the belt compresses with extreme speed and force, violently displacing and even crushing your unborn baby.

COMFORTABLE & SAFER: Our bump belt adjuster transfers the force acting on the abdomen to the thigh, which makes the abdomen more comfortable, and protects the unborn baby. Our bump belt allows pregnant driver to focus on driving, as well as makes pregnant passenger more comfortable and safer.

PATENTED DESIGN: This adjuster has undergone hundreds of lab & crash tests, and still allows the seat belt to appropriately protect the occupant while in use. It redirects the existing seat belt to protect the tummy area from being impacted & prevents your body from slipping below the seat belt in a collision.

PERFECT FITMENT: No matter your body figure, our pregnancy seat belt works great for thin to full figured occupants. The bump belt adjuster can be fastened tightly on the car seat. it is designed for use by women 3 months into their pregnancy until the time the baby is born.

MANY USES BESIDES PREGNANCY: While this product is ideal for providing extra protection in the car to expecting mommies and babies, it can also come in handy for anyone who have had abdominal or stomach surgery, gastric bypass, cesarean section, medical ports, or any other procedure to their midsection.

EASY TO USE: Our baby bump belt is easy to install. however If you are switching seats/cars a lot, (like from driver to passenger, or own 2 cars or more), we recommend buying two so you don't have to remove & install it every time.



  1. The adjuster's belt should be put in the gap between the seat and the backrest 'fig 1'.
  2. Then the belt should be looped from underneath the seat. Make sure that the belt is not twisted 'fig 2'.
  3. The end of the belt should be looped through the upper and lower hole of the buckle as shown in 'fig 3'.
  4. Finally the belt should be tightened strongly by pulling it downwards 'fig 4'.