Plant Climbing Wall Fixture


  • Before the product is pasted, please keep the items clean, not damp, and free of oil stains.
  • After the product is pasted, please don't use the wiring immediately, wait for the product to be placed naturally for 5-10 hours, and the effect will be used the next day.

  • When storing the product, please keep the product sealed and sealed, otherwise, the sponge glue will fail with time.
  • In case of cold weather, the viscosity is not strong, it can be heated with a hair dryer.

Can also be used as a network cable fixer

Suitable for more walls, more scenes

Steps for usage:
1. Wipe the pre-installed wall.
2. Tear off the adhesive protective film.
3. Stick to the wall and press tightly.
4. Complete the installation and use.
Weight: 350g
Material ABS resin + back glue
Packing List:
Vine Plant Climbing Wall Fixer