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100pcs 1 Set

Your family is your top priority, let this Medical Emergency Kit be your partner in ensuring their safety.

In this world full of viruses and unknown diseases, quarantine is the best option we have. Staying indoors is the safest way to protect your family away from the dangers of germs and bacteria. But staying home means limited access to hospitals, clinics, and healthcare in general including medications or even first aid treatments.

Do not panic but get ready for the unknown...

Get your First Aid Supplies now while you can!

This Medical Emergency Kit is a must-have for everyone!

Be prepared for any unknown situation, emergencies, virus outbreak or even natural disasters or calamities.


  • Portable and can be carried in one bag anytime and anywhere
  • Made of nylon material, durable and quality made for survival
  • Full open zipper for easy pick-and-place items, easy to carry and store.
  • Bright red bag and striking cross symbol make the kit easy to find in an emergency case.
  • Perfect for camping, hiking, traveling, outdoor sports, family and unexpected emergencies, virus outbreak, calamities or natural disasters


  • Bag Material: Nylon+Fabric
  • Bag Color: Red