Makeup Fridge

Grey Goodies Makeup And Cosmetics Fridge - 

Grey Goodies Makeup Fridge is the most functional glamorous addition to any bathroom or vanity. Keep your makeup products fresher for longer and experience a delightfully cool facial jade roller. Treat yourself – you deserve it!

Keep all your makeup products cool and maintain their shelf life and consistency. Alternatively, use the warming feature to warm up hard lotions.


Use to cool your everything in your skin routine from makeup and moisturizers, to serums


How Beneficial Is This To Me ?

  1. Most skin care products have less preservatives, which causes products to expire a lot quicker. The active Ingredients will no longer benefit your skin, so refridgerating your product helps prolong the product's shelf life but cold products also help reduce puffiness.
  2. It is also perfect for on the go, so your products dont have to be on the refridgerator downstairs, its portable and has a handle which allows you take it with you wherever you're going.
  3. This delivers a quite 30db sound and environmental Friendly cooling using mush less energy than your home traditional refridgerator.
  4. Applying cold products helps to temporarily reduce facial puffiness, under-eye bags and tighten the look of pores – giving you the ultimate glow!
  5. Great for storing your moisturizers, serums, jade rollers & more!
  6. Compact Storage & Convenient to use  Pamper yourself with a refreshingly cool routine in the comfort of your own bathroom without sacrificing counter space



Grey Goodies Makeup Fridge features 2 shelves for your makeup, creams and Jade rollers.


A stunning gloss finish means Makeup Fridge looks perfect in any home.
Our magnetic door handle ensures convenience of use while securely keeping your items in place, with a handle on top so you can carry it anywhere you wish!




MakeupFridge uses thermoelectric power, circulating your choice of cold/hot air through a small electric fan.
This delivers a quiet 30Db sound & environmentally friendly cooling, whilst using much less energy compared to your traditional refrigerator.




Makeup Fridge can cool down to 40ºF-45ºF or heat up to 122ºF-144ºF (50°C to 62°C) with the ease of a switch.


Outside dimensions: 7" x 9" x 9.9" (Width, Depth, Height)
17 x 22 x 25cm

Inside dimensions: (5" x 5.5" x 8") (Width, Depth, Height)
12.7 x 14 x 20cm