Lunch Box Food Heater

  • FOOD GRADE MATERIAL - The electric lunch box is made of food-grade PP plastic and 304 stainless steel container. It has a strong heat resistance and meets the safety standards of dietary materials.
  • Heating Time And Ensure Safety - The heating time is a little long, heating time 30-50 minutes at normal temperature.because of its power: 40W.But then your car will be safer.
  • Tasty Food Match Cool Lunch Box - Say goodbye to Fast Food! Our Portable Electric Lunch Box contains two different plugs: one for Work/Home (110V) and another one for Cars/Trucks (12V).
  • A Fun & Healthy Cool Way to Lunch - Prepare your own favorite healthy meals and then choose a car use cable or home use cable to plug in the lunch box. Indicator light up, it means the food is heating.
  • Easy To CleanThe car electric lunch box built-in high quality 304 stainless steel tray. Easy to clean, safe and non-toxic. You can also wash stainless steel trays in a dishwasher.
    Car Lunch Box


    1x Car/1x truck plug. You can use the lunch box every day to carry and conveniently heat meals in different places.

    Car Lunch Box


    1x Home 24V/1x office 110V plug. Different voltage heating is safer.

    Car Lunch Box


    1x Spoon completely for free. Make your dining more convenient. Make sure the steam outlet is opened before eating.

    Car Lunch Box



    Food grade PP material Plastic Additional Compartment. which is very convenient to separate different dishes.

    Car Lunch Box