Leak-Proof Period Panties


No more mess on mattress or embarrassing stains on pants with these Leak-Proof Period Panties!

These Leak-Proof Period Panties are women’s perfect companion for heavy, wet menstrual period days!

Designed to protect you from stained pants or pajamas caused by heavy menstrual period, post-partum bleeding or for ladies with incontinence issue. 

It consists of 2 layer moisture absorbent technology, which allows you to move freely on your red days without any discomfort feeling.

These are made of a leak-proof crotch panel with breathable fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable all day!

We can’t stop our periods, but we can stop the embarrassment they sometimes bring!

Leak-proof Period Panties (3 PCS)


  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION. These panties can hold 20ml of menstrual fluid, which is equivalent to approximately 2 regular tampons, keeping you 'Leak Free' throughout the day or night protecting your clothes and bed sheets.

  • STAY COOL AND FRESH. This fabric is totally breathable making you stay cool and fresh all day in your menstrual days!
  • GREAT FOR SPORTS AND WORK. These help you stay dry and comfy during walking or even during workouts and sports.

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  • PREMIUM QUALITY AND SAFE TO USE.Made of high quality cotton material that won’t create funky chemicals, weird smells, or itchy rashes. This is totally safe right up against your skin.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE. These panties are machine washable because of its special material under the waterproof lining.
  • REUSABLE. Totally reusable, which will help lessen the impact of harmful disposable products on our environment, and not to mention save you extra money.

Package Included:

  •  Leak-Proof Period Panties x 1 pc