Identity Protection Privacy Roller Stamp


  • Large Identity Protection Privacy Roller Stamp applies a special encrypted ink to hide printed confidential information in one quick swipe!
  • This self-inking stamp protects your identity by rendering your address, social security number, account number and other sensitive information completely unreadable.
  • A more convenient, less expensive and easy alternative to shredding.
  • Perfect for use on bank statements, bills, credit card offers, checks, junk mail, postcards, tax returns and even on curved surfaces such as prescription bottles.
  • Thousands of impressions before re-inking is necessary.
  • Large coverage at 1.34" / 3.4cm
  • Stamp out confidential information with Identity Protection Privacy Roller Stamp. Hide your address, social security number, account numbers, or ID numbers on documents before disposal or use it on your prescription bottles or medical reports. The self-inking roller design automatically re-inks, making it ideal for rapid stamping across large surfaces.