Handmade Teddy Bear Rose

25cm red bear
25cm red with box
25cm orange bear
25cm orange with box
25cm yellow bear
25cm yellow with box
25cm sky blue bear
25cm sky blue box
25cm blue bear
25cm blue with box
25cm grey bear
25cm grey with box
25cm pink bear
25cm pink with box
25cm white bear
25cm white with box
25cm purple bear
25cm purple with box

The perfect symbol of everlasting love for that someone special!

Everyone knows that roses and Teddy Bears are two things that are guaranteed to bring joy to any girl's heart! Now, can you imagine the smile on her face when you give her her very own Teddy Bear that's made of roses? No matter what the occasion, this sweet, Handmade Teddy Bear Rose, is a special offering and is a delightful gift that's sure to brighten her day! For teens searching for just the right gift, to husbands planning the perfect night for their wives. This adorable Teddy bear is just right for that memorable occasion! 

Handcrafted for girls and women of any age, this unique gift is absolutely beautiful! Each lovely, Styrofoam, Rose Teddy Bear is 100% handmade and covered with soft, faux, rose petals that are individually and painstakingly added! Each bear arrives in a premium-quality, window display box and is approximately 23 cm in height, perfect for sitting on a shelf or table. They're designed to be durable and will last a lifetime if handled with care. They make a beautiful and eye-catching decoration in any room or even at the office. Every time she looks at it, she'll remember that special day. What a sweet memento!  

These beautiful Teddy Bear Roses are available in RedWhiteGrayPinkIvory and Brown.

Dimensions: 10 Inches Tall (23 CM Tall)