Fishing Cap Outdoor Sport Umbrella Hat


    Wow! With this Hands-Free Umbrella, You Don't Have to HOLD Your Umbrella. ENJOY the Summer to the fullest!

    • Protects You From Summer Heat: This Umbrella Hat protects your skin from harsh summer heat and allows you to conveniently be at the outdoors 
    • Allows You to Walk Freely: With this Hands-Free Umbrella, you don't have to hold your umbrella, you can wear your umbrella as if wearing a hat. So cool right!
    • Keeps Your Hands- Free: Wearing this Umbrella, you can keep your hands free for carrying other important stuff and not waste it for just an umbrella handle

    • Perfect for Outdoors: Perfect for any outings such as hiking, biking, walks, camping etc
    • Enjoy the Rain: This Umbrella allows you to fully enjoy the rain, you can even jump & dance with both your hands in the air!
    • Easy to Wear: Very easy to wear; all you've to do is simply attach it around your forehead via Velcro. Wearing it won't even ruin your hairstyle!
    • Universal Fit: One size fits all, adjustable straps that can be adjusted depending on your forehead size.
    • Portable: It's light-weighted & foldable so it can be easily carried and stored 


  • Umbrella Material: Polyester
  • Colors: Available in 2 Colors
  • Ribs Material: Steel Wire


    Why Not Enjoy the Outdoors to the Fullest During the Rain & Summer!