Comfy Seat - Fuzzy & Soft Toilet Seat Cover

Light Grey

Make yourself comfy and keep your toilet seat clean with our Comfy Seat - Fuzzy & Soft Toilet Seat Cover! There's nothing worse than starting your morning toilette by sitting on a freezing-cold toilet seat. Now you can add a pop of color to your bathroom and keep your seat cozy all the time. 

It is designed to make your toilet seat warm and comfortable at all times. Made of a premium-quality soft material that is durable and long-lasting! Having a couple of spare ones will ensure that you always have a fresh seat. Our covers come in various colors, which means they will easily fit with the rest of the bathroom!

  • make yourself comfy - you can use this toilet seat cover to stay warm and comfy on the toilet, no matter how cold it is
  • a cozy and fluffy cover - made of super soft material that will provide you with great comfort and warmth
  • easy to wash - easy to wash seat cover to give you a fresh, cozy, and warm seat at all times by regularly changing it
  • adds style in the toilet - these covers come in various hues, ensuring that your ceramic throne fits in with the color scheme of your bathroom
  • you can install it by simply putting it on 
  • keeps your toilet seat clean and cozy

Material: acrylic fibers, spandex
Size: adjustable from 30 cm up to 45 cm
Colors: light blue and gray, brown and blue, gray and white, green and white, violet and blue, blue, orange, pink
Package includes: 1 x toilet cover