Air Fuel Ratio Gauge

The easiest tool to ensure your car’s engine efficiency.

A poor air-fuel ratio can have seriously adverse effects on your car, ranging from poor fuel efficiency and engine power output to constant rough idling issues. With this compact Digital Air Fuel Ratio Gauge, you can quickly assess the ratio and make adjustments or tuning to your engine. Doing this timely, will ensure improved performance and longer lifespan of your car.

With this easy-to-use tool by your side, you can definitely save up on $1000s worth of potential engine damage. 

  • LED screen with backlight
  • AFR Readout: Between 20-10 AFR
  • Volt Reads Between 8 - 16 Volts
  • Compatible with all Imported and Domestic 12V Cars
  • Mounting kit and Hardware Included
  • Fits 2'' or 52mm Diameter Gauge Pods 




  • Highly Recommended professional installation
  • The output voltage of this wideband O2 Oxygen sensor is only two: 0.1V and 0.9V, so it only can show the working status: "LEAN" and "RICH"ï¼ the digital display of this air-fuel ratio gauge will only show the number like 19 or 11(Represents the working status is LEAN or RICH)

When powered on the digital gauge will read the voltage for 1 minute and switch to Air Fuel Ratio.

It will only switch back to voltage if there is a decrease or increase.


    Package Includes:

    1 x Air Fuel AFR Gauge
    1 x Narrowband Oxygen Sensor
    1 x English Manual